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Well hello!

So youre here! Good. About time... :)

This space here is where I offer my services as a designer and a number of products (an ever expanding numer of products actually). Some have been designed and made by me and others are simply items that I find interesting and assume that owing to this fact you might too! :)

I am a profesional engineer and have 20 years experience in manufuring and the design of manufactured products. I also consult on productivity (office and works) as well as the design and applicatoin of productivity enancing tools including spreadsheet design, process automation and 'lean'.


Every so often we will review a new product or project and see how it works. Today we have the Lenz's law demonstation model which shows the pricple in magnetic breaking and electrical generators. This useful applicatoin of magnets and conductors is also problematic in a number of modern technologies including magnetically driven pumps...

In the below video:-

    -Copper is not magnetic

    -The magnet moving near the copper induces electrical currents inside the copper material

    -Those electrical currents generate a magnetic field that opposes the movement of the magnes generating them; hence these interesting effects

Available to buy from www.physicshack.com



What do you need?

As discussed we have a wide range of experience and are happy to help you. Taking a prototype through manufacture to setting up of a supply chain and product realisation are all part of the service.

We are engineers, and we can help you!

I love interesting news and products and will share here what I find most fascinating

One particular area I love to get involved in is the design and production of bespoke and one off pieces. demonstration pieces for sales or training are a speciality.


We have a number of videos uploaded to our YouTube.com channel and will continue to add more.

Come and check them out...!!

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