Pump System Commissioning, Trouble Shooting, Training and Design

With over 25 years experience working with pumps and systems PhysicsHack can help you to efficiently start, tune, trouble shoot, and obtain spare parts for your population of pumps in the most efficient profile giving you the best capability to meet your uptime requirements.


Defined process that establishes key process indicators ahead of any activity saves time and confusion at your site. Control limits for these parameters clearly established in your own units to ensure that your equipment is started safely and reliably every time... Even after we have gone...

Efficient Spares Stock

Holding the right spare parts is key to getting your systems running when issues occur. We have huge experience in advising what these parts should be. Manufacturers typically advise this data when a population is installed but it is our experience that savings of 20 to 30% can be obtained by taking a second pass at this data and intelligently defining true interchangeability, and requesting kits of parts that fit with the failure profiles you experience rather than the generic kits offered at time of sale. PhysisHack can define this data based on your history and negotiate with your equipment suppliers.

Control and Condition Monitoring

We have developed the most efficient means of control and or monitoring of pumps. Especially relevant to the management of Mag-drive and positive displacement pumps this system makes use of cheaply available KPI's and provides a solution that is truly local to the pump. The package can be deployed as a permanent installation, or as part of a temporary trouble shooting analysis allowing a full understanding of any issues to be understood before corrective actions are invested in.

Service and Maintenance

We are able to offer a full compliment of technical and hands-on service and maintenance at your site for very competitive rates. Contact us now to discuss your needs and to obtain a quote.

The Vortex Dome and Desk Toys

The Vortex Dome, featured on @PhysicsFun and soon to be shown on the Spanish Television program 'El Hotmiguero' or The Anthill in English is one in a range of physics toys deigned and crafted by PhysicsHack. All items are created in Bexhill on the south coast of England.


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Vortex Dome

Creating toys and demonstration tools for training, or simply for enjoyment and relaxation